Agtech 2030 – An innovative environment in agriculture

The mission of Agtech 2030 is to create a unique, strong, inclusive and gender-equal creative environment that can bring together resources and expertise reflecting several of the region’s strengths. Agtech 2030 will foster innovation in agricultural technology, and help usher in a transition that celebrates sustainability goals, based on new applications of technology and methods.

The initiative has been designated as a Vinnväxt programme with a 10-year timetable and a planned budget of SEK 200 million. It is supported by several organizations, including Region Östergötland, Hushållningssällskapet (Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies) and Vreta Kluster. Linköping University and the Department of Management and Engineering (IEI) are the host organisations.

Tomorrow’s most prominent regions in agricultural technology

Our vision is that the region of Östergötland and its neighbouring areas will be one of the world’s most prominent regions in agricultural technology by 2030. The region stands out by way of the extensive investments in agriculture-related technology, successful entrepreneurship, applied cutting-edge research in close collaboration between research departments and industry, and heavily investing tech companies supported by international success. Further, Östergötland has high-tech, profitable agricultural companies that, using revolutionary new technology and new business models, help in the fulfillment of global sustainability goals. The region’s proactive public sector accelerates innovation and fosters sustainable development.

What Agtech 2030 stands for

Agtech 2030 offers an energetic and productive innovation setting where we act as an intermediary, an innovation leader and a co-creator of innovation. We initiate value-generating meetings; we are solution oriented; we accept ambitious challenges and seek out original solutions. We are proactive, we gather and spread knowledge, and contribute to popular education on a broad level. We highlight the importance of agriculture for the economy, the environment and society.

Collaborate with us

We are constantly looking for any type of collaboration that can help us achieve our vision. Get in touch with us here.