1 November 2023

A Swedish pavilion will be featured at Agritechnica – the world’s largest trade fair for crop cultivation equipment and technology. The pavilion is organized by Agtech 2030 in collaboration with Business Sweden. The last time Sweden had a pavilion there was in 2015, in cooperation with Linköping University, Elmia, SSAB, and others.

The Sweden pavilion is organized at Agritechnica, which takes place from November 12 to 18 in Hanover, Germany. This year’s theme on Green Productivity addresses the challenges and opportunities of future-oriented agricultural technology.

Team Sweden is represented by Agtech 2030 and Business Sweden, leading innovative Swedish agtech companies, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, Handelsbanken, and Elmia. At the pavilion, examples of Swedish innovations and technologies will be showcased that contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture.

Inauguration of the pavilion

On the 13th of November at 14.00 we welcome you to the inauguration of the Team Sweden pavilion led by Katarina Szécsi Åsbrink, Swedish Embassy to Germany, together with Johan Holmlund, Business Sweden, and Karolina Muhrman and Per Frankelius, Agtech 2030.

Topics such as the importance of trade and collaboration between Sweden and Germany, and how Swedish Agtech innovations can strengthen a more resilient and sustainable food supply and productivity will be discussed. Furthermore, Agtech 2030 and exhibiting companies will present innovative solutions to these challenges.

Participants in the Team Sweden pavilion


Working in the field of spraying sensor and ISOBUS development in a collaboration between Tolefors Gård, Lovang Lantbrukskonsult, Linköping University, and Kårstad Gård.


AgroÖst operates the Agro Sörmland node, where an innovation project resulted in the creation of Fieldgofer, a new patented robot system capable of tasks such as collecting grain or spreading fertilizer. The project involves Abbotnäs Säteri, Stora Lövhulta Gård, and Linköping University. The team is also behind the Nonstop Battery Concept which is nominated to Agrifutures Concept 2023.


BoMill has developed advanced grain sorting solutions and has now launched BoMill InSight™, a unique sorting equipment able to look inside individual grains and accurately sort, based on inner properties such as protein content. What’s new about InSight™ is that its capacity is significantly greater than BoMill’s previous solutions.


Elmia Agriculture is Sweden’s leading agricultural trade fair & business arena. In collaboration with Business Sweden and Agtech 2030, they have designed the Team Sweden Pavilion. Elmia also serves as a communication link between international and Swedish agricultural technology.


Through financing, consulting, and smart banking solutions to agricultural companies, Handelsbanken helps finance innovative processes and solutions. Handelsbanken is one of the main sponsors of the Swedish pavilion.

Hasta Gård

Hasta Gård is an innovation hub where several projects are ongoing. One of these projects is called Leandry, and it involves a world-unique method for drying grain without the need for any heat. The project is led by the inventor Kurt Hansson in collaboration between Lund University, Linköping University, and the company Hasta Agtech and Hasta Gård. EIP Agri provides the funding. Kurt’s idea is to utilize a unique material called metal organic framework (MOF), invented by Professor Omar M. Yaghi and his team at Berkeley University in the USA. Kurt has successfully established a collaboration with the company Water Harvesting, which is a spin-off from Berkeley. The project is part of a larger framework at Hasta Gård.


Together with Lund University, Linköping University, T-maps, and HS Östergötland, Hushållningssällskapet have developed an AI-powered analysis of soil analysis management.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture

Sweden’s expert authority within agriculture, fishery, and rural areas. Promoting their innovation support available within European Innovation Partnerships (EIP) and they are available to answer questions about the EIP innovation support for Swedish companies and Swedish companies with international links. They look forward to meeting you in the pavilion on Tuesday, 14th November between 16:00-18:00.


SUNIFIX® is a novel, climate-neutral, and cost-effective technology for making sustainable nitrogen fertilizers close to the end-users. It secures a local self-sufficiency for nitrogen.

Novel Agro

Presenting a Compaction Prevention System (CPS) that can prevent greenhouse gas emissions from soil. This system, is made for planning, planting, and harvesting as it can help farmers with timing and choice of equipment. Winner of Agritechnica Innovation Award 2022.

The pavilion is organized by Agtech 2030 in collaboration with Business Sweden.

Increase in the number of international Pavilions

The fair welcomes 2,800 exhibitors from 55 countries and over 400,000 visitors. The number of pavilions has increased in line with Agritechnica’s growing international reach over the past decade, and this year, 23 countries have registered, which is a record. In addition to Sweden, Ireland, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Nebraska, and Taiwan are participating for the first time.

The pavilions introduce many first-time exhibitors at Agritechnica, offering visitors a way to discover technical solutions from around the world. This year’s new pavilions will provide a range of technical solutions in agricultural products, grass technology, electronics, and hydraulics for harvesting and grain storage.

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