Steering committee 

The steering committee of Agtech 2030 consists of representatives from the agricultural industry, Östergötlands region, the academy, and the tech industry. Together they work towards Agtech 2030s missionto create a unique, strong, inclusive, and gender-equal creative environment that can bring together resources and expertise reflecting several of the region’s strengths. 

Agricultural organizations and farmers:  

  • Peter Borring
    Farmer at Södra Karleby Frälsegård, located in the region of Östergötland. Peter Borring is also an elected official at the bank of Landshypotek.
  • Karola Reuterström
    Farmer at Stora Lövhulta and vice chairman at SFO, the national industry association for Seed and oil plant growers.
  • Jeanette Blackert, LRF


  • Richard Widén
    Regional Development Director at Region Östergötland.
  • Anna Jacobson, Region Östergötland


  • Jonas Hallström, Linköping University
  • Mats Abrahamsson, Linköping University

Advanced tech 

  • Anders Carlsson,
    Mentoring and applications at Visual Sweden, an innovation environment for visualization and image analysis.